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Recognized by CBP and global Customs authorities as a leader in global trade compliance execution and industry expert, the Alston Group has a global presence utilizing contract trade consultants globally for the facilitation of trade compliance, global security and forced labor program management.


Recognized by CBP and global Customs authorities as a leader in global trade compliance execution and industry
expert, the Alston Group has a global presence utilizing contract trade consultants globally for the facilitation of trade compliance, global security and forced labor program management.

Our objective is to offer trade compliance solutions to the trade to demonstrate a company’s commitment to supervision and control of the international supply chain inclusive of all Customs formalities with the benefit of
business confidentiality protections.

Rennie Alston, CEO of The Alston Group founded the company in 1995 to serve as trade consulting complement for importers, exporters with an interest in the demonstration of elevated trade compliance practices including but not limited to external trade compliance assessment reviews, HTSUS classification line reviews, Valuation verification determination and financial risk reduction practices, cost avoidance and revenue recovery.

Through the years, The Alston Group has expanded its services to include “cloud based” compliance third party management and serves as a backroom of compliance for several industry sectors inclusive of importers, exporters, Customs brokers, Freight Forwarders and NVOCC’s.

The Alston Group, founded in 1995 has been providing the international trade community with quality informed compliance education and training for over the past twenty five years.


Led by noted trade industry expert Rennie Alston, and a team of supporting international trade experts The Alston Group has a proven track record in preparing industry professionals for the Customs Brokerage examination, and building skill sets such as HTSUS classification, entry process management, Customs valuation, incoterms management, and much more.

The Alston Group Education platform continues to receive industry acclaim for its content, delivery and detailed explanation of import compliance process and procedures.

Our training is an excellent platform to meet the Customs Brokerage Continuing Educational requirement and consists of a wide array of subject matter training inclusive of virtual online live lectures, webinars, in person training, customized corporate
trainings and cloud-based compliance train the trainer that allows companies to receive informed compliance training to manage import compliance responsibilities.

Our educational platform is customized to elevate your trade compliance knowledge for all participants and provide certified credit training for those required to attain accreditation for professional training hours.

Our training is of tremendous value to licensed persons and unlicensed professionals who seek to meet the requirements of informed compliance training or the customs brokerage continuing education requirement.

Import Trade Compliance

Informed Compliance Menu
Training Options- Lecture

Webinar or in person training


Class Subject Topic Class Hours


  • Import Supervision and Control Management 1 hour

  • Customs Valuation Management and Controls 1 hour

  • Import Compliance Annual Update and Current Event Awareness 1 hour

  • Import Record Retention Management 1 hour

  • Free Trade Agreement Determination Management 1 hour

  • HTSUS Annual Line Review Management Preparation 1 hour

  • Customs Dates and Definition Explanation 1 hour

  • Entry Type Determination and Controls 1 hour

  • ACE Data Management and Reporting Management 1 hour

  • CF28 and CF 29 Compliance Management 1 hour

  • Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Explanation 1 hour

  • Managing your Customs Brokerage Performance 1 hour

  • American Goods Returned Declarations Controls 1 hour

  • Temporary Importation Bond management 1 hour

  • Prototype Entry Process & Management 1 hour

  • Importer Security Filing Compliant Management 1 hour

  • Forced Labor Importer Verification Process 1 hour

  • Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty Management 1 hour

  • USMCA Declaration Management 1 hour

  • Post Summary Correction and Protest Filing Overview 1 hour

  • Customs Brokers Modernization and Responsible Care 1 hour

  • Customs Power of Attorney Management 1 hour

  • CTPAT Annual Awareness Training 2 hours

  • HTSUS Classification Determination Skillsets 3 hours

  • Incoterms Explanation and Training 3 hours

  • Customs Broker License Preparation Workshop 25 hours

  • Customs Broker Compliance Management Train the Trainer 25 hours

  • Importer Comprehensive Compliance Manager Train the Trainer 25 hours

Tuition Pricing
1-hour Webinars $95
2-hour Webinar $150
3-hour Webinar $195
25-hour Training $1,895
30-hour Package $2,500


Background Licensed Customs brokers play a critical role in protecting revenue and facilitating the movement of compliant cargo. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) published the Continuing Education for Licensed Customs Brokers Final Rule (88 FR 41224), which amends CBP regulations to require continuing education for individual customs broker license holders (individual brokers) and creates a framework for administering this requirement.


The new regulations will help ensure customs brokers remain up to date on evolving customs rules and related U.S. trade laws. The new regulations require brokers to have the necessary training needed to facilitate compliant trade in the modern operating environment and will allow brokers to act as an additional layer of security to prevent illegal goods from entering the U.S. commerce.


CBP collaborated with the broker community and the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Council (COAC) for several years to develop the continuing education requirement. CBP incorporated many of the COAC’s recommendations in the Continuing Education for Licensed Customs Brokers Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM).


CBP took all public comments received in response to the NPRM into consideration during the development of the Continuing Education Final Rule. While the Final Rule states that brokers must complete 36 continuing education credit hours per triennial status period, CBP will allow brokers to complete fewer than 36 hours to meet the requirement for the initial 2024-2027 triennial status period. Further guidance on how many continuing education credits will be required for the 2024-2027 triennial status period will be published on and in a Federal Register notice. CBP and U.S. partner government agencies (PGAs) will offer a variety of continuing education credits at no cost to customs brokers.


Training and educational opportunitiesoffered by a third-party outside of CBP, or PGAs will require approval by a CBP-selected accreditor. Information on the accreditation process and details on courses offered by CBP and PGAs will be posted on this page as they become available.


  •  Importer trade compliance assessment reviews

  •  HTSUS classification line-item reviews

  •  Valuation verifications

  •  Forced labor virtual or onsite audit reviews

  • Procurement management and facilitation reviews

  • Informed compliance education and training

  •  Exporter-USPPI trade compliance assessments

  •  CTPAT application development and full program management

  •  Foreign supplier security risk assessments and 5 Step assessment reporting

  • Third party offsite certified record keeper

  •  Duty drawback consultation and feasibility reviews

  •  Foreign trade zone application and facilitation implementation

  •  Bonded warehouse application and facilitation implementation

  • Cloud based trade compliance 3 rd party offsite resource help desk

  •  Free Trade eligibility verifications

  •  Customs Brokerage License Preparation training

  •  Senior management roundtable discussions

  • Corporate legal complimentary services for trade specific research 

Customs Brokerage License

Remote Platform Cloud Based Virtual – Live Lecture- Online Training

The Alston Group offers our distinguished Customs Brokerage License Preparation course to our national audience for participation and preparation for the Electronic Customs Brokerage Examination.

Due to our innovative online training format, this legacy training program with very high success rates for passing the exam is now available to test takers through the United States in all states through our RLF-remote learning format.

Nationwide Preparation Workshop

Our instruction is detailed and consists of critical test taking skillsets designed to assist in obtaining a passing grade.

  •  Live lectures

  •  Four-month instruction and help desk assistance,

  • One on one tutorship and Customs Examination preparation skills for positive results.

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